Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Mighty Pube Debate - To Have Hair or Go Bare

“The most horrifying thing is pubic hair on a woman,” Muz says. “It’s really quite frightening to the general public.” - Julie Atlas Muz, Burlesque Performer. 

I've also heard her say it as in, it's horrifying to Americans, suggesting the male population that is now so used to slick clean vajay as portrayed in media and porn. She tours around the globe, and many other countries see nothing wrong with it. Now, let me tell you, she has a full on bush. I've seen it. It's one of her trademarks in the scene, and her acts. She's done a puppet show with it, and has named it Mr.  Pussy. =D 

Here's the thing, I have this love/hate relationship with pubic hair, in general. A few of my friends have had a discussion with me about my love and enamourment of the 70's Power Muff, the Disco Dick Mitten. I mean, let's face it, a majority of us sported that Power Puff through the 80's. It was common. 
I have a character that I had even planned on having one, and the comedic banter involved, but many people get turned off by the thought.
But now, I'm wondering if it's making a comeback. If you watch Orange is the New Black, there was that whole bit about the pubic braiding. 

What about glitter in it?  The Coifed Cunt?

And a new article from Kinkly just popped up called In Defense of Pubic Hair