Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let's get more interactive!

I had to make a shorter one, didn't know there were LIMITS here, ha!
Next time I will make a series of shorter spurts!
I also may do short clips to demonstrate implements and devices of pain and pleasure.

Monday, August 22, 2016


I often wonder about people's hang ups about nudity.
Being naked does not always have to be in a sexual context. 
Look at our European friends. Topless and nude beaches, perfectly acceptable.
Classic art, fine.
Then, Orlando Bloom went paddle boarding naked and people went nuts.
Personally, I didn't see the big deal.
I only wished Katie Perry and busted out too.

I love walking around my house naked.
Thankfully, I live where I've been known to pop out into the front yard au natural too. My neighbors are spared because of trees, distance, and no lights at night.
Mr. has been known to do so too.

Perhaps if people weren't so hung up on clothing and were comfortable in their own skin, this wouldn't be considered so offensive? 

I mean, I wouldn't suggest cooking naked. Believe me I've done it and have burns to prove it, but what's the big deal about rocking your skin suit and chillin?