Tuesday, March 28, 2017

No Shame, Love Yourself, Even the Parts You Hide - But Shouldn't Have To

I have been thinking a ton about self-love.
No, I'm not talking about masturbation, but I'm the first one to say YES! to it.
I'm talking about being in love with our own self and being perfectly happy about what you enjoy.
And even being proud of who we are, all of it.

It's a shame that sexuality, sex, and kink have become this thing that we are supposed to be ashamed about enjoying. We're deemed deviants, perverts, and other names that have a usually negative connotation about them. Certain acts are STILL considered taboo.
Can you tell me how wanting to dress up as Sasquatch with a pink dildo hooked to your head while your partner throws pies at you makes you a bad person?
Why is a woman who embraces her sexuality, and love of sex, considered a slut?

I guarantee you I've met people who may enjoy being pegged, have a poly relationship, or enjoy having every hole filled by human or inanimate object who are wonderful, giving, altruistic people and lead totally normal lives to the outside world.

Now, if your boss found out that you liked to wear a fox tail, paws, and furry mask while being plowed thoroughly by your guy while he's dressed as hunter, they would have a completely different view of you. How does what you do in your bedroom, or dungeon, affect your work, especially if they considered you a stellar employee before they found out?

Want to put your guy in a cock cage for three days? If he's down, hell yes, do it.
Want to roll around in a kiddie pool full of jello? Have fun!
Why if some find out a woman enjoys giving up control in the bedroom, being tied, up or dominated are told they should get their Feminism card vetoed?

Think about it. Some acts have been around since Roman times, yet somehow, STILL are not accepted as okay. 

I'm a proud kinkster.
It's part of the reason that I decided to write erotica and share on this blog.
There is nothing wrong with enjoying sex, kink, BDSM, sploshing, dressing up in furry costumes, whatever!
The openness and trust between partners to be able to voice their wants and desires is simply beautiful. There is more intimacy in confiding in your partner that you like butt stuff and know they will not judge you than just throwing on some name brand lingerie and hinting at wanting sex.
(Which I love lingerie too.)
Hell, if you told your guy you want to try and are turned on by butt stuff, he'll probably do back flips!

It saddens me that in this day and age, people have to hide and be ashamed of their desires and enjoyments for fear of losing jobs, family, and friends...or be considered immoral just because they want to try some different things in the bedroom.
How did the free love, everything goes attitude end so abruptly?
I know. I know. Technically, we don't have to go into the history and socio-economic papers and studies. It's a rhetorical question.

I'm here to tell you to embrace it. If you are going to love all of yourself, love your pervy, kink, sexual side too. It's part of you.
If you read or see something that intrigues you, don't be afraid to show your partner.
Experiment. Watch videos.
If it's between you and your partner, you agree on it, it's consensual and safe,

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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Sploshing you say?

Also known as Wet and Messy play (WAM).
Most commonly it deals with food play, but can involve other substances as well.
But have no fear, we are not talking about bodily fluids here! Those festishes are a completely different arena.
Think shaving cream as a pie to the face...or bum.
Sitting on cakes. 
Pouring syrup on a woman, clothed or naked.

Seems like these XXXtreme Rubber Sheets would be a good investment if you're into this sort of messy play, or for a cheaper version, perhaps just hit your hardware store for some of those cheap plastic sheets for painting!

Pies to the face seem to be a big portion.
They say it's the feeling of the wet, sticky, slimy on the skin, or it could be the partner that enjoys watching it. I am ALL for food play, but my thing is then eating it or licking it off more than the act of destructing the food or watching it hit the skin. Just seems like a good dessert gone to waste, hahaha. I'm completely down with each other getting messy in the mix too.

Remember the post I did on edible body paint and icing? This could be a fun way to start and see if you're into the messiness of sploshing.
You could also play around with honey, regular icing, chocolate before smashing a baked good with your ass.

It's also a good idea to avoid getting this stuff all up inside of your delicate lady areas - or shower afterwards. I actually covered that in the notes of Candy & Kink: A Tale of Confectionery Tale of Love & Tasty Perversions.

This add seems like a WAM-er's dream!

Another way to use marshmallow fluff!
They have a great idea, playing in the  tub.

I don't know if I would get this extreme, but to me it looks like added fun, and I am love fun and even some laughs in the bedroom. Maybe it's time to up the ante on food play!