Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Repost - Sploshing you say?

I thought I would give a little repost of some of my old posts - especially when I see discussions on fetishes and bedroom recreation on certain social media platforms where the said "experts" mangle the idea, aspects, terms, etc. It's wonderful to want to learn about variety in play, but may I recommend not trusting these so-called "Doms", "Alpha's" and such that want to play a role on the web, and try to woo women, but obviously have no clue what their talking about 😂 - maybe just read too many silly stories.
With that said, I've never claimed to be an expert, but I will tell you what I do know, experienced, or discussed with pro's in the LS over the years...much of which I also convey in my novels. Hey, experiences always create the best stories!
I have always wanted this to be a place to learn, which is why I had always done reviews of products that I have actually tested in real life, and to not be ashamed of what you enjoy; sex shouldn't feel guilty, but always should be safe, consensual, and fun.
So...on with Sploshing!

First published March 2, 2017.

Also known as Wet and Messy play (WAM).
Most commonly it deals with food play, but can involve other substances as well.
But have no fear, we are not talking about bodily fluids here! Those festishes are a completely different arena.
Think shaving cream as a pie to the face...or bum.
Sitting on cakes. 
Pouring syrup on a woman, clothed or naked.
It's more the visual aspect for some parties, for others it is the feeling of the sticky, gooey, well, mess.
Normally, it is not followed with sex, although it can be, but for the most part, the people with this kink don't look for intercourse. Yes, there may be two people getting messy, but usually it's for one person's experience of the smell, texture, feeling of the food being spread, poured, dropped on them. For some, it's a humiliation aspect. For others, it's a tactile turn on.
In fact, if you're up for looking up some videos, the majority contain clothed women just getting down and messy!

Now, there are cross-over fetishes too, so what I have talked about is not a steadfast rule; more like basics, a general rundown, if you will.

Seems like these XXXtreme Rubber Sheets would be a good investment if you're into this sort of messy play, or for a cheaper version, perhaps just hit your hardware store for some of those cheap plastic sheets for painting!

Pies to the face are a big portion.
They say it's the feeling of the wet, sticky, slimy on the skin, or it could be the partner that enjoys watching it. I am ALL for food play, but my thing is then eating it or licking it off more than the act of destructing the food or watching it hit the skin, or the feel. Just seems like a good dessert gone to waste, hahaha. I'm completely down with each other getting messy in the mix too.

Remember the post I did on edible body paint and icing? This could be a fun way to start and see if you're into the messiness of sploshing...or just food play, in general.
You could also play around with honey, regular icing, chocolate before smashing a baked good with your ass. Who knows, maybe you'll find more pleasure in sitting on a cake than eating it!

It's also a good idea to avoid getting this stuff all up inside of your delicate lady areas - and shower afterwards. I actually covered that in the notes of Candy & Kink: A Tale of Confectionery Tale of Love & Tasty Perversions.

This add seems like a WAM-er's dream!

Another way to use marshmallow fluff!
They have a great idea, playing in the  tub.

I don't know if I would get this extreme, but to me it looks like added fun, and I love fun and even some laughs in the bedroom. Maybe it's time to up the ante from just food play!
Or if you're a true splosher (WAM), how about instigating a good food fight for some innocent kicks? 😜