Free Erotica/BDSM Stories & Excerpts!

The Five Minute Test - Al Daltrey

A very short, short story. Al finds it how when a sub can't help but get wet, even when she tries not to. Steamy!

Through the Ages

A short story of mine on Literotica.
An aging sub confides the story of her life to her nurse.

First Three Chapters of Ripped & Twisted

First Three Chapters of Candy & Kink 

I am offering the first three chapters of my books Ripped & Twisted  and Candy & Kink here FREE. If afterwards you decide that you may like to read more, please go clickity-click at Amazon. (It's Free on Kindle Unlmited) If you do enjoy it, please leave a review. I love reviews. I love feedback. Hopefully...Enjoy!

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