Friday, October 26, 2018

Getting to know me...

Hi! I thought I would start posting some bits about myself and how real life inspires my writing. I want everyone to have their fairy tale. I want everyone to have a fun sex life and never feel ashamed about what they enjoy. It should never feel shameful if it's consensual and safe.
I tend to write characters with more realistic jobs, who aren't the billionaire type. I want steam, feels, lessons, and a capturing story. I hope. I want to entertain, provoke, and intrigue.
Please feel free to ask any questions. As we go along, you'll see I'm kind of open, crazy, wild, free, and adventurous. *points down* see, that's me at the 2017 Naturally Naughty in NOLA signing, getting painted up by the phenomenal Angela Roberts from Skin Wars. Then, I sat and signed like that the whole day, LOL.
Besides that, I've was a burlesque performer for years, a roller derby referee, a bartender in the Quarter, spent a semester in Madrid, Spain (alone) studying Literature, have studied respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary technology, for a while wrote for a music zine (and even edited for for a short period) interviewing bands, reviewing music, competed in amateur bodybuilding and fitness competitions...well, you get the idea.
So, please join me.
Be free. Live. Laugh. Love.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Book News!


I had been hiding this most of the year as the process went through, but now I'm so excited to announce being part of this new release tomorrow! I had lost most of my writing mojo, but being asked at the beginning of the year to be part of this project reignited a spark.
20 authors. 26 short stories. 18 genres. One amazing collection.
WORDS TO DREAM BY: An Adult Bedtime Story Collection.
And as a little tease, this is from the story that I wrote.
Elodie dreamed of getting away from it all after the death of her mother and the chaos that had become her recent life. Little did she know she'd get her wish when she becomes trapped in a mountain cabin by an unexpected snow storm when she decides to take some time to herself before a girls trip.
*She did not foresee the strange occurrences that would take place every night at 9:44, nor the magic of wishes that could come true if one only takes the chance.˙

And as always, you can find my other books available at Amazon and other retailers where you enjoy buying ebooks, including Walmart's new ebook selection through KOBO too!
Amazon Author Page

Books at other sites;
Candy & Kink
Ripped & Twisted
The Surrender of Luella (Perchance to Dream Book One)
Illusions (Perchance to Dream Book Two)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Repost - Sploshing you say?

I thought I would give a little repost of some of my old posts - especially when I see discussions on fetishes and bedroom recreation on certain social media platforms where the said "experts" mangle the idea, aspects, terms, etc. It's wonderful to want to learn about variety in play, but may I recommend not trusting these so-called "Doms", "Alpha's" and such that want to play a role on the web, and try to woo women, but obviously have no clue what their talking about 😂 - maybe just read too many silly stories.
With that said, I've never claimed to be an expert, but I will tell you what I do know, experienced, or discussed with pro's in the LS over the years...much of which I also convey in my novels. Hey, experiences always create the best stories!
I have always wanted this to be a place to learn, which is why I had always done reviews of products that I have actually tested in real life, and to not be ashamed of what you enjoy; sex shouldn't feel guilty, but always should be safe, consensual, and fun.
So...on with Sploshing!

First published March 2, 2017.

Also known as Wet and Messy play (WAM).
Most commonly it deals with food play, but can involve other substances as well.
But have no fear, we are not talking about bodily fluids here! Those festishes are a completely different arena.
Think shaving cream as a pie to the face...or bum.
Sitting on cakes. 
Pouring syrup on a woman, clothed or naked.
It's more the visual aspect for some parties, for others it is the feeling of the sticky, gooey, well, mess.
Normally, it is not followed with sex, although it can be, but for the most part, the people with this kink don't look for intercourse. Yes, there may be two people getting messy, but usually it's for one person's experience of the smell, texture, feeling of the food being spread, poured, dropped on them. For some, it's a humiliation aspect. For others, it's a tactile turn on.
In fact, if you're up for looking up some videos, the majority contain clothed women just getting down and messy!

Now, there are cross-over fetishes too, so what I have talked about is not a steadfast rule; more like basics, a general rundown, if you will.

Seems like these XXXtreme Rubber Sheets would be a good investment if you're into this sort of messy play, or for a cheaper version, perhaps just hit your hardware store for some of those cheap plastic sheets for painting!

Pies to the face are a big portion.
They say it's the feeling of the wet, sticky, slimy on the skin, or it could be the partner that enjoys watching it. I am ALL for food play, but my thing is then eating it or licking it off more than the act of destructing the food or watching it hit the skin, or the feel. Just seems like a good dessert gone to waste, hahaha. I'm completely down with each other getting messy in the mix too.

Remember the post I did on edible body paint and icing? This could be a fun way to start and see if you're into the messiness of sploshing...or just food play, in general.
You could also play around with honey, regular icing, chocolate before smashing a baked good with your ass. Who knows, maybe you'll find more pleasure in sitting on a cake than eating it!

It's also a good idea to avoid getting this stuff all up inside of your delicate lady areas - and shower afterwards. I actually covered that in the notes of Candy & Kink: A Tale of Confectionery Tale of Love & Tasty Perversions.

This add seems like a WAM-er's dream!

Another way to use marshmallow fluff!
They have a great idea, playing in the  tub.

I don't know if I would get this extreme, but to me it looks like added fun, and I love fun and even some laughs in the bedroom. Maybe it's time to up the ante from just food play!
Or if you're a true splosher (WAM), how about instigating a good food fight for some innocent kicks? 😜

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sinthetics...Venturing into Male Dolls: Slutever

I have to say that I am absolutely intrigued and fascinated.
Sinthetics is once again breaking new ground, climbing new peaks, or should I say penises?
By creating these pretty life-like male love dolls that having women wanting to mount those mountains. 
If I were a single woman, I must admit, I would probably be one who makes this purchase.
Why not?
It seems these companions are the future of masturbation.
According to Sinthetics, it's a much desired avenue too with their male dolls now at equal demand as female dolls. 

This is a company that I would totally want to work for, art meets function...and fucking.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Will it give us a magical vaginal experience?

Crystal Dildos?
Apparently so, from a place called Chakrub.

I am all for new products, however, I'm not sure what I think of these.
Or maybe it's the price, as I can get some pretty unique and awesome glass dildos for a fraction of the cost. I'm not sure if I'm will to pay close to $300 for a 'spiritual' encounter with myself.
But hey, to each their own!
Of course, the site claims that these dildos also have healing powers?!
Maybe that's worth it?
Although, I am pretty sure my pussy's powers are a.o.k. at the moment.
Besides one of its healing powers is helping anxiety, and I'm pretty sure any orgasm will help with that little situation. 

If anyone gives them a go, let me know if you've become cunt-lightened!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

I think we're back in the Puritanical Era

With the new FOSFA bill, Amazon is stripping rank and making some Romance and Erotica books unsearchable. Thanks America!
Since my books all contain a story line, and I know for a fact that other mainstream titles, put out and marketed by the big house publishers are categorized in different genres have even more graphic scenes and sexual content than my books, I decided to re-categorize all of my current books.
I also changed key words as they are targeting anything BDSM, Bondage, Erotic Romance. 
At the moment, it seems to have worked.
However, if anyone would like to read my works before they could possibly be banned, my link on Amazon is here.
If such a censorship does occur, my books in the future may only be readily available as paperbacks through myself.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Safe Sex...Toy Disposal

In the random conversations, the subject of getting rid of old, broken, damaged toys came up.
This led me to do some research because a few years ago I had heard about a company that did a "Recycle your Rabbit" Day.

Lo and behold, I came across this site:
Sex Toy Recycling.

The Sex Toy Recycling process works like this: You send your unwanted sex toy to STR (email them and they'll send you a Tyvek pouch).
But don't be a nasty skank, wash it before you send it to them please.
They then sterilize and process it. Plastics, metals and batteries are recycled as needed for non-toy purposes.

The STR website says: "We then use a patent-pending process similar to that used to recycle athletic shoes into rubber surfaces for basketball courts. The rubber and silicone is ground up, mixed with a binding agent, and remolded into new toys. For sanitary and safety reasons, each toy is then coated with a layer of new silicone. The result is a sex toy made of at least 95% post-consumer materials."

Your old faithful can live a new life and come again and again!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Erotic Guide Interview

Thank you so much to the Erotic Guide for interviewing me and featuring me on their site!
Please click and go check out their site!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Erotic Romance Reminder.

I post a bunch of fun and silly sexual topics here, but first and foremost, it's always a platform for my writing. It's been a while since I have put up a post about my currently available novels.
Feel free to click links on the sidebar to check them out, or to order. I am also currently reviewing new avenues to make both ebooks and paperbacks available to purchase as well.
Available now at most places your favorite ebooks and paperbacks are sold.
Don't forget to check out my free short story too!
Ripped & Twisted
Candy & Kink
The Surrender of Luella: Perchance to Dream Book One
Illusions: Perchance to Dream Two

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Oddities in the Stores of Self-Pleasure

I'm all for getting yourself off, we know this.
There's nothing like a little self-love time.
However, there are a few devices that make me go Hmmm?
And to each their own, whatever turns you on.
I've seen the foot that you can fuck like a flesh light.
So, fee are your thing, but nothing like walking into a scene of the walking dead, the room splattered with spooge rather than blood.
But hear me out.

I mean, I completely get what they were going for here, but I also can't help but think this is how a serial killer story could begin.
It was innocent enough to begin with. Him, his fuck head.
But then...he began fantasizing about a real woman; the one who never noticed he existed.
Or you could go with the promiscuous woman scenario.
The next thing you know, he's dancing around his room to Q Lazzarus like Buffalo Bill with a head hanging from his crotch.
See how I go off on a tangent when I see her.

I get it. It's the affordable version of a love doll. However, I can't help that it gives new meaning to the word skull fuck.
Maybe it's the lifelike hair that imagine flailing around while you are doing the deed to her severed head?
There is another version without the hair.
She doesn't look quite real, so she's not as intimidating to me as Felicity.
Then there is Seduce Me Scarlet 3D Love Doll With Head <- with head.
Want to know why there is emphasis on with head?
Cuz it would be just plain creepy having the torso with no head.

Granted, these are incredibly cheaper than buying the complete love dolls, but imagine going to your new guy's home and having a head fall out from a closet on you. Looking back up to you with dead eyes, hair probably all tangled...
Just the head, for a guy who loves head.

In all honesty, I like that there are alternatives for guys besides the blow up dolls of the past, but the more realistic these ladies get, it's also odd to have just a body part or two lying around the carpet.

Do guys feel like they've entered Lorena Bobbit's when they see a life like cock and balls in the bed?

I hope you find the humor in this post.
It's also given me fresh fodder for a twisted novel idea.
Enjoy the head!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Preaching to the Perverted

Good morning!
I have been MIA, but also just fighting a sickness for the past few weeks.
Since I have been sort of laying low, and blah, I had some time to watch movies.
We do not have cable, actually have not had it for over ten years.
We do, however, have a massive DVD collection, and I decided to go back through some of our old collections. I had forgotten about all of the wonderful old underground  and lesser known flicks we have.
I popped this one in yesterday because I remember the stunning costumes...
Preaching to the Perverted is from 1997.
It deals with the underground BDSM scene in London, and the governement's attempts at infiltrating them to shut them down. Oh those groups of morals and ethics.
The main scene is run by Mistress Tanya Cheex, an reknown American Mistress.
The nights rotate around London, and they use cryptic computer messages to alert those on the in.
The government sends in a young man undercover, but eventually he falls in with the whole deviant group.

This is not your ordinary fare, and though a bit cheesy, it's highly entertaining.
The men are mainly slaves.
There are auctions, whippings, piercing, electrocution, pony play and more.
Sure parts are a little over the top, but I know some of these scenarios actually do take place...

If nothing else, the makeup and costumes and scenes are stunning, and made me want to reinvest in my vinyle and satins.

This movie was one of the ones that made me want to pursue more, and influences my characters, especially the ones in upcoming novels. Beauty and strength and power.

It's available to watch on Amazon, Free with Amazon Prime.
And if you're so inclined to buy the video, it's available to BUY too.

I get no kickbacks from the stuff I talk about or recommend.