Friday, August 28, 2015


I would love for new people to give my books a peek and chance to maybe become one that they will enjoy. So, I have reduced the prices of both books AND listed them in the Kindle Unlimited Program. Now is your chance to check them out for FREE.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kinktastic Knicknacks

Through our random, dirty, yet funny, conversations, my husband and I have 'toyed' with the idea that I should add a section here for review and talk about sex toys.
He claims we own everything at the store we frequent, so they should be given the right to be tested and talked about...and he's always up for finding new scenes and ideas for my books.
So from anal beads and plugs, cuffs, dildos, floggers and paddles, gag-balls to spreader bars, fetish wear, vibrators, and so much more, oh my!
We'll have chat and recommendations!
Perhaps some guest bloggers or guinea pigs?
Need I say that the Kinktastic Knicknacks section will be all adult content and conversation, so enter at your own risk...or satisfaction?

My hubs does...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My first book Ripped & TwIsTeD is now
and if you are not a part of the Kindle Unlimited Program, well, that baby is only 99 pennies!

Faith Dumont is a witty, confident, fiery fitness competitor, or so she appears to everyone else. Yet no one knows the horrors that she's endured and escaped to create this seemingly perfect life. No one knows the battle of self-loathing and deviant urges Faith battles daily.
She keeps her demons under control by her regimented, disciplined lifestyle. Faith has also implemented “rules” into her life, specifically a “no dating” rule. This rule was made to protect her heart. Life in the gym keeps her sane, to an extent, however, just because there is no dating does not mean there is not a bit of kink.
Slade is smoking hot physique competitor who works with Faith in the gym. Not only is Slade a co-worker, he is Faith's only friend, and a kin of the kink. He has always willingly followed Faith’s conditions... that is until tattooed trainer Ty enters their lives throwing all that Faith has created into a tailspin. When Slade sees Faith falling for Ty's seduction, he decides to refuse Faith's rules and introduce her to his.
With her normalcy crumbling around her, Faith is slammed by the carnal and emotional enticement of both men. Can they make their triad of passion work or will Faith’s past come back to decimate any spark of hope for love that she ever had?

Warning: This book is fictional and depicts acts of violence, graphic sex, including BDSM, M/F/M menage circumstances, and oodles of kink. This book is recommended for mature audiences (21 and over) who are not offended by scenarios such as these.  

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Just Fun stuffs..

I have sitting for the past week going through notes, scenes, ideas that have been written over the years and months trying to decide which one to go with for the next book.
Needless to say, I don't know which to go with yet.
Instead of wracking my brain more, I've spent the weekend out with the husband doing silly things outdoors and riding around doing nothing.
It's nice to detach from the interwebs for a while.
Today, I logged on and chose to just go look at Pinterest Crack.

So, in lieu of boring you with writing stuff, I have decided to share just funnies.
After all, it is Sunday Fun-day!

And just because...
From my twirling days, I came across some while still unpacking.
Yes, it's been eight months, we still have random boxes that are sitting in the shed, hahaha.