Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kinktastic Knicknacks

Through our random, dirty, yet funny, conversations, my husband and I have 'toyed' with the idea that I should add a section here for review and talk about sex toys.
He claims we own everything at the store we frequent, so they should be given the right to be tested and talked about...and he's always up for finding new scenes and ideas for my books.
So from anal beads and plugs, cuffs, dildos, floggers and paddles, gag-balls to spreader bars, fetish wear, vibrators, and so much more, oh my!
We'll have chat and recommendations!
Perhaps some guest bloggers or guinea pigs?
Need I say that the Kinktastic Knicknacks section will be all adult content and conversation, so enter at your own risk...or satisfaction?

My hubs does...

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