Monday, April 27, 2015

Surprise! River Walk by Al Daltrey & Friends

I am so excited to announce this project that I was asked to be a part of.
Al has been keeping this under wraps for a while now, and keeping my lips zipped has been a chore!
I nearly dropped when Al asked me to collaborate on a story with him.
Then, I found out all of the amazing authors involved and had a mini panic attack.

Can you believe this?

Projected release is June 2015.
Add it to your Goodreads ?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My next book...

Jelly beans have been bought... I have a feeling shooting for the cover of Candy & Kink© may begin...if I don't eat the props, well at least the props that are edible.
A confectionery tale of love & tasty perversions.

As you wait for this silly, kinkalicious book, 
always feel free to check out my debut novel...
there is a surprise announcement coming as well!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

When things are always going wrong...

Jelly Beans...

You have have a couple of weeks where everything goes wrong?
Too many things break?
Just when you think you're luck is about to turn back around, nope, sucker!

Yep. That's been lately.
The funny thing is that I cannot even really get upset at it all.
I think that I've reached delirium or something because the other day I when I walked outside and had  a tire flat as a pancake and another almost there, I just began to laugh.

Now, I'm not saying that I never get upset, mad, angry, or any of the array of feelings.
I'm just saying that lately, I can't even get overly worked up about it.
If I do, fifteen minutes later it's done.

So what does this have to do with jelly beans?
I have no clue except they make me happy, and this year, I have not bought any yet.
Today, I think I must remedy that.

Too, the next book has jelly beans as a main focus... in many ways.

After spending the morning with my boyfriend, Gym, I will be making the trek into the next town to go to the store and purchase my little confectionery joys.

I don't even feel guilty about it with my fitness routine because I have to travel 15 miles just to buy them... Wait, maybe I'll buy two bags...


Release Blitz
Title ~ Enough Secrets: Lies.Lust.Deceit
Author ~ Alexis Riddley
Genre ~ Dark Erotic Thriller
What if everything you had come to know about your life was a lie, complete and total fiction? Charlotte West had everything she ever wanted: The house, the status and the perfect husband in Winston. But that’s the trouble with appearances; they can be deceiving. Charlotte’s life had become a tangled web of ecstasy, rules, punishment and unparalleled pleasure at the hands of Winston, and his business partner, Aiden.

Charlotte never expected Winston was harboring secrets deeper than her own. She was clan-destined to lock more away into her vault of lies in order to portray the flawless illusion that the outside world has come to expect. 

On an ordinary day of no significance, Charlotte made a conscious decision to let go of the chains that were binding her together and prepared to unleash the carnage that was her soul onto the world. She no longer felt the need to please Winston, nor Aiden. She was prepared to deal with her decision. For the first time, she was going to be true to herself, and she was terrified.  

But when the cover is pulled back and decades of lies, lust and deceit are exposed; the question is, who would Charlotte be when everything was exposed? Would she come out on the other side as she had hoped, would years of walking the razors edge leave her broken; or was she lost forever? 
Alexis Riddley spends her day’s knee deep in the grind of corporate America, but her love of reading is what pushed her to put pen to paper. Bringing to life the stories that once existed only in her head. Alexis loves the outdoors, adventures, and music. Oftentimes music is the catalyst or the trigger for memories, and emotions that she uses in her writing. Alexis rarely watches television, but is a total comic book freak, superheroes, the whole lot of them. She is obsessed. Alexis is willing to try anything, at least once, as long as it keeps the soul free and the mind open. She is a kid at heart who refuses to let age define her and limitations contain her. Alexis is a romantic, with a twisted mind and sexy imagination. She still believes that happy endings exist, just that sometimes they do not come in the pretty packaging you may have expected.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quiet Time

I don't think many people even read this blog,
which is okay because I can then spew random crazy and not have backlash...
or be ridiculed too much.

Either way, I've been quiet.
I promise that I will not be disappearing.
I have my fingers in many pies so to speak,
and may be indulging in confections and pastries too.

There are many projects at hand.
I am excited about them all.
My brain and hands cannot keep up at the moment.
I have not even been able to have my weekly trips to the adult store anymore!
For shame.
How else am I supposed to buy and try out research for the accuracy of the perversions, debauchery and depravity of  toys  items and scenarios?

Ripped & Twisted has been getting great reviews, and I must admit, it shocks and awes me.
I only hope it continues to do so, although it is in a niche that is not very widely read.

I strive to continue to better my writing and create stories that people continue to love.
Thank you to anyone who has read it and has left a review.
I never thought that I would appreciate reviews as much as I do.
Secretly, they terrify me as well.

I am also grateful for those who have recommended my work to others.
You all make this endeavor completely worth it.
Being a teeny plankton in this vast sea of indie authors is rough, but incredibly rewarding.
Whenever I feel discouraged, or perhaps that I shouldn't be pursuing weaving kinky tales, I turn to you to make me move forward and type.
Once again, Thank You!

(photo credit goes to Mr. & Mrs. D for this lovely one)