Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Quiet Time

I don't think many people even read this blog,
which is okay because I can then spew random crazy and not have backlash...
or be ridiculed too much.

Either way, I've been quiet.
I promise that I will not be disappearing.
I have my fingers in many pies so to speak,
and may be indulging in confections and pastries too.

There are many projects at hand.
I am excited about them all.
My brain and hands cannot keep up at the moment.
I have not even been able to have my weekly trips to the adult store anymore!
For shame.
How else am I supposed to buy and try out research for the accuracy of the perversions, debauchery and depravity of  toys  items and scenarios?

Ripped & Twisted has been getting great reviews, and I must admit, it shocks and awes me.
I only hope it continues to do so, although it is in a niche that is not very widely read.

I strive to continue to better my writing and create stories that people continue to love.
Thank you to anyone who has read it and has left a review.
I never thought that I would appreciate reviews as much as I do.
Secretly, they terrify me as well.

I am also grateful for those who have recommended my work to others.
You all make this endeavor completely worth it.
Being a teeny plankton in this vast sea of indie authors is rough, but incredibly rewarding.
Whenever I feel discouraged, or perhaps that I shouldn't be pursuing weaving kinky tales, I turn to you to make me move forward and type.
Once again, Thank You!

(photo credit goes to Mr. & Mrs. D for this lovely one)

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