Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Oh the Naughty Girls Get it Good.

We joked this was the Christmas of ButtLovin'.
I'm sure you will see some of those goodies as well soon.
However, it seems it was a mask extravaganza too!

We like to play with masks.
I have few different varieties, and Husband decided to add to the collection.
Three are leather and in fun colors.
They were handmade for us.
I will get the card and put a link up for where he procured them.
Don't judge me, I love the smell of leather.
I also sort of have a thing for the feel of it.
Maybe it's throwback to my metal/goth days, lol.
Then, there's this lovely little furry fox number, a fun addition to my kitty ones.
Why not add to the pet play?
I am told a fox tail may be arriving soon too. 😉

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tis the Season of Giving

I actually brought this up to my husband yesterday.
I suggested that we begin new evening traditions after work.
We usually have dinner, have a few cocktails, watch a movie, fall asleep on the sofa, and realize we have to be up way too early. It's becoming habit.
I thought maybe we could give something new a try.
Maybe we could slip in some fun time between the usual.
It doesn't have to be a marathon play session every time we go for it.
We have far too large a collection for sexual enjoyment to be idly sitting in our office/playroom gathering dust, including that damn swing!
Even if it's giving each other a massage one night, I want to increase our sensual interaction.
I don't want to become a couple that spirals down the road to celibacy, or become bored with each other. That's just not us, and we've been so busy and exhausted with our schedules, I could see it eventually going in that direction.

I mean, we used to be the couple that started each morning, no matter how early, with some sort of hanky-panky, be it oral, full on f*$k, spanking session, or something!
We're the couple that for every holiday usually exchange at least one kinky gift. We even exchange Great Pumpkin fun on Halloween. 
By the way, I saw those packages arriving this week in all of that black plastic wrap!
Plus, it's fun for me (us) to try all sorts of new items and situations because I love putting scenarios that I have not seen in other erotic novels in mine. And afterwards, I can always say, "Yes, you can do that with your partner!" 

So how coincidental was it that the Kinkly weekly newsletter arrived in my inbox this morning with the same topic covered?
Pleasure is the gift that keeps on giving.
I think Christmas morning should begin with a Bang...or a blow.
Play Kiss me under the mistletoe...and be strategic!
I guarantee your day will be all the better for it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lubricant Tales and a Free Sample

Let's face it. Sometimes, no matter how excited you are to get down and dirty, your body may react otherwise. You may need a little help to ease into the situation.
Or, it may be a scenario where lube is absolutely vital to smooth transitions.
 Different tools, implements, also require a little help at times, especially if they are larger or oddly shaped, or depending on the materials they are made from.
Then, there's just the fact that as we ladies age, we have, at times, issues lubricating ourselves.

There are so many options out there now as well.
Lubes that desensitize for longer play.
Lubes that warm.
Lubes that tingle.
Flavored lubes.
It's a virtual lube buffet!

We always sample and test out new ones.
One thing I will tell you is that I am not a fan of lube launchers.

In theory, it's a great idea.
You're able to apply liberal amounts of lube deeper, and thicker, than fingers perhaps can all in one shot.
However, in my experience, and you may want to graze over this.
Within minutes, my stomach flopped, ached, cramped, and I was clenching my tail and had to cease all play for the night. For me, this was just a thick enema. I can't handle that much in the back door.
Lesson learned.
And a night of embarrassment accomplished.

We are huge fans of Astroglide and K-Y, which are popular brands, and can be found virtually anywhere. In fact, I've bought tons of samples for my signings to give away.
If you want to give a lube a try, I will suggest Astroglide for sure.
In fact, if you go to their website, you can pick from selected products of theirs, and they will send a free sample to your door.
Astroglide Free Sample

Swag and Promotional Packs

In my tiny realm of erotica/BDSM readership, I am known for my use of plugs in my stories, along with many other implements...
and maybe my actual plug collection.
I am attending my first live signing next year at an erotic writers' convention.
I have often joked that I should give away butt plugs when people buy my paperbacks.
The joking gave way to actually considering it.
I have been picking up usual author 'swag' such as pencils, rack cards, business cards, stickers, candy.

Mr. JLE keeps asking, "I thought you were going to give away butt plugs?"

So, I have been trying to find reputable places to find nice anal plugs for a wholesale, bulk price, that won't kill me if I were to give them away if people bought say two or three of my books.

I would like them to be aesthetically pleasing, and maybe even one I could stand behind...or have up the behind! Depending on my searches, I may offer different implements of pleasure depending on the novel and package I put together.

So my search is on for them so that I can provide Kinky Collections! 
Erotic Reads, Deliciously Deviant Langiappe!

Although, it won't be one of these...
Though adorable and even though the feathery puff removes, lube just makes them a gooey mess.
You have to be delicate when cleaning them up.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Get to know your blogger.

Hi. I'm your friendly neighborhood purveyor of smut.
I started this blog to promote my books, but realized it would be much better suited  to answer questions, educate, and have fun.
I write erotica, BDSM, kink, romance.
I live it too. I think that gives my books a little something special.
I realized that this blog would be beneficial for so many after spending time in groups on Facebook, and women didn't think what they have read in books could really happen.
I kept voicing, "But it can." "Yes, I've done that." "We own those." Etc.
I don't hide behind a pen name.
What you see is what you get.

Besides that, I just generally believe in pursuing life.
Given the chance, I try just about anything.
I have been in roller derby.
I was a burlesque performer from 2007 until 2013 when I turned 40.
I used to do some fetish/alt/goth modeling too.
I have competed in fitness competitions in both the Fitness & Physique Categories. That I haven't given up on yet, but it takes tons of time, discipline, and of course, money, so I have to plan that more precisely. That being said, I'm a huge fitness buff.
I truly want to be a free spirit, but I'm a worry wart.
I judge, but don't want to, so I'm working on that.
I rant, but then regret it.
I bottle things up and explode when the last straw is broken.
I am nowhere near perfect. I never claimed to be.
I want to inspire others to try what they dream of, pursue dreams.