Sunday, December 4, 2016

Get to know your blogger.

Hi. I'm your friendly neighborhood purveyor of smut.
I started this blog to promote my books, but realized it would be much better suited  to answer questions, educate, and have fun.
I write erotica, BDSM, kink, romance.
I live it too. I think that gives my books a little something special.
I realized that this blog would be beneficial for so many after spending time in groups on Facebook, and women didn't think what they have read in books could really happen.
I kept voicing, "But it can." "Yes, I've done that." "We own those." Etc.
I don't hide behind a pen name.
What you see is what you get.

Besides that, I just generally believe in pursuing life.
Given the chance, I try just about anything.
I have been in roller derby.
I was a burlesque performer from 2007 until 2013 when I turned 40.
I used to do some fetish/alt/goth modeling too.
I have competed in fitness competitions in both the Fitness & Physique Categories. That I haven't given up on yet, but it takes tons of time, discipline, and of course, money, so I have to plan that more precisely. That being said, I'm a huge fitness buff.
I truly want to be a free spirit, but I'm a worry wart.
I judge, but don't want to, so I'm working on that.
I rant, but then regret it.
I bottle things up and explode when the last straw is broken.
I am nowhere near perfect. I never claimed to be.
I want to inspire others to try what they dream of, pursue dreams.

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