Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Oh the Naughty Girls Get it Good.

We joked this was the Christmas of ButtLovin'.
I'm sure you will see some of those goodies as well soon.
However, it seems it was a mask extravaganza too!

We like to play with masks.
I have few different varieties, and Husband decided to add to the collection.
Three are leather and in fun colors.
They were handmade for us.
I will get the card and put a link up for where he procured them.
Don't judge me, I love the smell of leather.
I also sort of have a thing for the feel of it.
Maybe it's throwback to my metal/goth days, lol.
Then, there's this lovely little furry fox number, a fun addition to my kitty ones.
Why not add to the pet play?
I am told a fox tail may be arriving soon too. 😉

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