Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Swag and Promotional Packs

In my tiny realm of erotica/BDSM readership, I am known for my use of plugs in my stories, along with many other implements...
and maybe my actual plug collection.
I am attending my first live signing next year at an erotic writers' convention.
I have often joked that I should give away butt plugs when people buy my paperbacks.
The joking gave way to actually considering it.
I have been picking up usual author 'swag' such as pencils, rack cards, business cards, stickers, candy.

Mr. JLE keeps asking, "I thought you were going to give away butt plugs?"

So, I have been trying to find reputable places to find nice anal plugs for a wholesale, bulk price, that won't kill me if I were to give them away if people bought say two or three of my books.

I would like them to be aesthetically pleasing, and maybe even one I could stand behind...or have up the behind! Depending on my searches, I may offer different implements of pleasure depending on the novel and package I put together.

So my search is on for them so that I can provide Kinky Collections! 
Erotic Reads, Deliciously Deviant Langiappe!

Although, it won't be one of these...
Though adorable and even though the feathery puff removes, lube just makes them a gooey mess.
You have to be delicate when cleaning them up.

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