Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tis the Season of Giving

I actually brought this up to my husband yesterday.
I suggested that we begin new evening traditions after work.
We usually have dinner, have a few cocktails, watch a movie, fall asleep on the sofa, and realize we have to be up way too early. It's becoming habit.
I thought maybe we could give something new a try.
Maybe we could slip in some fun time between the usual.
It doesn't have to be a marathon play session every time we go for it.
We have far too large a collection for sexual enjoyment to be idly sitting in our office/playroom gathering dust, including that damn swing!
Even if it's giving each other a massage one night, I want to increase our sensual interaction.
I don't want to become a couple that spirals down the road to celibacy, or become bored with each other. That's just not us, and we've been so busy and exhausted with our schedules, I could see it eventually going in that direction.

I mean, we used to be the couple that started each morning, no matter how early, with some sort of hanky-panky, be it oral, full on f*$k, spanking session, or something!
We're the couple that for every holiday usually exchange at least one kinky gift. We even exchange Great Pumpkin fun on Halloween. 
By the way, I saw those packages arriving this week in all of that black plastic wrap!
Plus, it's fun for me (us) to try all sorts of new items and situations because I love putting scenarios that I have not seen in other erotic novels in mine. And afterwards, I can always say, "Yes, you can do that with your partner!" 

So how coincidental was it that the Kinkly weekly newsletter arrived in my inbox this morning with the same topic covered?
Pleasure is the gift that keeps on giving.
I think Christmas morning should begin with a Bang...or a blow.
Play Kiss me under the mistletoe...and be strategic!
I guarantee your day will be all the better for it.

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