Friday, February 27, 2015

I think I'm hilarious...

I do.
This is why.
I spew forth thoughts like this:

So, I just said this out loud:Have you ever had the Voodoo Doughnuts' Cock and Balls?Yeah I've eaten the whole thing - it's as big as the pink box it comes in! 

And this line may have to go into my next book Candy & Kink, but until then, why not enjoy the humor and smut and downright filth in
Ripped & Twisted?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chapter 17

I hear the most about Chapter 17 in Ripped & Twisted from readers.
I have to admit that it is definitely one of my favorite chapters as well.
Suffice it to say, this is where things take a turn...
Surprises in the triad.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Cover Reveal: S.I.R. by Samantha Knight

Cover Reveal

Title: S.I.R

Author: Samantha Knight

Release Date: March 13, 2015


Silas is the world famous erotic romance author known, as S.I.R.

He has made the New York Times best sellers list five times in his only two short years of writing.

The odd thing about Silas… he doesn't believe in love, marriage or happily ever after’s.

He believes in sex and having lots of it.

Research, Right?

Starr Allison Kendall works as a high school English Teacher.

In her downtime she likes to read trashy smut novels. Her favorite author is S.I.R.

After her last lover up and left her, literally at the altar, she isn’t a big fan of fairytale romances anymore.

So when by chance she and her favorite author end up chatting online, they both start to have different feelings about love.

And when she finally tells Silas how she feels.

He vanishes.

unnamed (6)



(18 + audiences only for sexual content & language)

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, just got out of the shower and now I am lying in bed.”

“That means you’re naked doesn’t it?”

“Possibly.” I reply and fail at hiding the worry in my voice.

“Starr I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do. Do you understand?” He says in his voice that means he won’t take no for an answer. I hear a shuffling in the back ground and what I am assume is the sound of him sitting down on his bed.

“Yes, sir” I reply instantly. His deep chuckle makes the butterflies in my stomach stir.

“Good girl, now put on the speaker phone and lay the phone on the bed, on the right side of your head.”

“Okay, it’s on,” I reply placing the phone beside me.

“Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine me with you, kissing you. Your lips, your neck, your chest. Now with your hand I want you to reach up and pull on your nipple. Roll it between your fingers.”

I hesitate and think about just telling him that I am doing it. I am beyond embarrassed.

“Starr, I didn’t ask you to do it. I am telling you, touch yourself. I want to know what you sound like when you pass the point of no return. I want to hear when you fall apart. I want to know how you scream.” His words start a chain reaction that I already know is going to have me begging him to come fuck me. I reach up and swipe my fingers across my tongue. Then I reach down and run my fingers across the rose colored flesh of my nipples. It feels so good and knowing that he can hear me is driving me crazy with need. My deep intake of air must give him the signal I am following his directions.

“Feel good, baby?”

“Yes,” I can’t help but moan the word.

“Now slide your hand down your stomach, and down to that beautiful pussy.”

“Silas.” I warn.

“Don’t even act like you aren’t going to do it when we get off the phone anyways. Stop worrying about what I think. I want to be there fucking you, but I can’t. So this is the best I can do. Oh and if it helps I have had my cock in my hand since the minute you told me you were in bed. Now, slide your middle finger as deep inside as you can.”


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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Excerpt from Ripped & Twisted ~ a fun exchange with Barbie

“Hey, Faith?” There stood one half of the Barbie tarts, smacking her gum and twirling her lovely, perfectly coiffed, long locks.

“Hey, Barb, what’s up?” Yep, her real name was Barbie.

“What’s up with Slade? Like, is he seeing someone or something?”

“How would I know? You’d have to ask him, I guess. Why’d you ask?” This is interesting.

“Well,” big pink bubble blown, then popped, “he hasn’t been up for anything the past couple of weeks. He’s ignoring my texts too.” She leans forward and winks as she states this, insinuating what the world loves to describe as the ‘booty call’. “I thought you might know since, you two are, I don’t know. Friends or something?”

What was the “something” supposed to mean? Slade hasn’t been playing the horizontal rhumba with Barb in a couple of weeks? From what I did know, he and Barb had a once a week or so nice vanilla fuck-fest. I mean, I get it. Look at her. She’s visually a porn-star in real life. And why did I get a little satisfaction from the thought that perhaps he hadn’t? Then again, why should I care as I’m “tapping” Ty?

“Well, sorry, Barb, but I’m clueless,” I say with all of the innocence that I can muster.

Barb keeps chomping and twirling, “So what about the inked up man candy? Um, Tyler is it? What’s his story? Is he free to play?”

“Once again, Barb, you’d have to ask him. I hang with these guys, but I don’t meddle in their personal lives.”

Well, yes I do. I meddle in the very carnal, erotic equations of their lives, but no one else has to know that I’m the one they are both playing with at the moment.

“Yeah, okay,” she scans me from the counter up. “So, I’ve always wondered, Faith, you a clam slammer?”

I spit the water I was drinking in my mouth into my arm, and pull up my shirt to wipe the spewed wetness away. In that instant, I sure as hell wasn’t lady-like. Damn, the bitch was good. Touche’, you horny bitch, touche’. I think I have gained a level of respect for your equal opportunity fucking ass.

“You know, Barb, as wonderful as the spawn of the sea are, I have always considered myself quite the meat aficionado.”

She tsked, “Shame. Let me know if you ever want to give it a go,” she turns and wiggles off to try and sandwich her way between Ty and Slade. I laugh to myself. That was downright unexpected. I grab a towel to dry the counter of my spilled and spewed water....

Friday, February 6, 2015


I wanted to share one of the songs from my playlist for R&T.
It just makes me think of Slade & Faith.
I like the way you chain me to the bed...

I love the way you look at me
I love the way you smack my ass
I love the dirty things you do

Puddle of Mudd

Monday, February 2, 2015

It's an odd duck of a book

I knew what I was writing was different, but I was not aware just how odd it would be considered.
Now, that I'm getting a chance to chat with some people who have read it, I am coming to realize maybe this book is a little unique.

I keep hearing things like:

"I've never read anything like this before."
"It's more than just erotica. Most of the time, it's just porn. This is not that."
"I've read threesome books before, but nothing like this."
"I didn't think I'd like it, but there was something that hooked me in."
"You write in such a different style from anyone else."
"I didn't know what to make of her with the two guys, but you made it work."

You know what?
I love that it is so novel of a concept and story, and that in my head, I did not do it intentionally.
I guess it pays to have a twisted little mind.