Monday, February 2, 2015

It's an odd duck of a book

I knew what I was writing was different, but I was not aware just how odd it would be considered.
Now, that I'm getting a chance to chat with some people who have read it, I am coming to realize maybe this book is a little unique.

I keep hearing things like:

"I've never read anything like this before."
"It's more than just erotica. Most of the time, it's just porn. This is not that."
"I've read threesome books before, but nothing like this."
"I didn't think I'd like it, but there was something that hooked me in."
"You write in such a different style from anyone else."
"I didn't know what to make of her with the two guys, but you made it work."

You know what?
I love that it is so novel of a concept and story, and that in my head, I did not do it intentionally.
I guess it pays to have a twisted little mind.

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