Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Flexi Felix from Fun Factory! Let's talk anal play.

Fun Factory says Felix is your butt's best friend.
And let's face it, he's just too cute to be scary!
In case you weren't quite sure, yes, it's anal beads.
He was part of my Christmas of Butt Love Extravaganza.
I often recommend beads for early anal play, after you've experimented with tongues and fingers.
There are very small plugs that work too, but beads are a slow work up, flexible, and feel a little less intrusive - especially if you're hesitant about anal play.
We'll discuss scarier looking anal hooks at another time.

He is super soft and flexible with the beads increasing in size the closer you get to his head.
I will state that he is long, a little over a foot, but don't be intimidated by length.
No one ever said that you had to go further than the first bead on his cute begin.

And as always, lube always aids in the fun.

I've gotten questions about anal play before, the most frequent that people are scared to address is mess. Here is my short answer. Sex often includes bodily secretions, however, anal is usually planned for, or you have an inkling it could be happening. This way, we can take extra time to make sure our hygiene is taken care of. If it is spontaneous, you often know if something is around up there, that's when you can halt play and decide how to approach the block in play from there - either skip it or move on to another activity. In my experience, though, the mess is just a ton of lube.

If your curiosity is piqued about beginning anal play and have questions, I have attached a great article from one of my favorite sites, Kinkly.
Your Top 10 Questions about Anal Play Answered! 

And while you are there, you can check out the Sexy Excerpt from my first novel Ripped & Twisted that they graciously posted!

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