Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Couples Massager

I actually received a question about one of these this week.
Luckily, I have experience with couples massagers.
In case you aren't familiar, these were the type I was asked about.

Two popular brands are We-Vibe and Lelo.
(Click the links to see their varieties.)
Hell, I've even seen a version at Walgreens!

These are remote controlled, and now, some can even be controlled by an app on your smartphone too.
Here's the fun thing about these little guys: you wear them during sex.
Double the pleasure, double the fun.

It gets slipped on inside of the lady parts. Of course, the outside is for clitorial action, the inside for G fun. Then, your man can come on in to enjoy the vibrations, and you, while he controls the speed of the vibe.
(I would recommend a little lube for smooth entry of both. 😉)

These can also be worn alone, and your partner can control your vibrations whether it be in the next room or out at dinner or out shopping or another state. Get your freak on.

However, it is more fun together.

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