Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Naked Thanksgiving!

I guess this would be more under the Candy part of me, as I find it sweet.

A friend of mine and her husband have a Thanksgiving Tradition:
Naked Thanksgiving!
Yes, they spend the day celebrating at their home naked.
I thought this was a fab idea.
I told her that I would probably wear an apron while cooking because, let's just say that I've had some incidents cooking naked before, hahaha.

And as I was looking for a new apron online, I've discovered that naked cooking is apparently becoming a trend!

(not me, lol)
Meet one of the naked chefs!

I've even found a youtube channel, Cooking Naked, as well, and I thought this recipe may be fitting for after Thanksgiving. 

Perhaps, this holiday tradition could become all the rage?
So, tomorrow morning after I wake, get the fire in the woodstove raging, and shower and apply some makeup, I may just go about our holiday in nothing but my knee high socks and my apron when needed.
It was 18 degrees here this morning! I need to have a wee bit of warmth before stripping down!

This may be me, but who cares!
Maybe I'll take pics and post them 😜

Hope you have a Happy (maybe naked) Thanksgiving!

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