Monday, October 19, 2015

Something a little different

I am in hot pursuit of George.
I've lost him, and I had promised to love him, pet him, squeeze him...
Who is George you ask?
George was my six pack.
No, not a six pack of delicious brew.
That's one of the reasons that George is buried.
It's true.
For those just joining, I am  was a fitness competitor. 
My time in the gym and the lifestyle was part of my inspiration for Ripped & Twisted.
However, the two hot guys falling in love with me and the whole DP and menage situation?
Unfortunately, that is pure fantasy, just FYI.
This year, I have spent far too much time being lazy. Enjoying a little too much party time, and my body has paid for it.
I can only see the top two of poor George.
It's time to live up to my promise and take care of him, rescue him from the fluff that I have buried him under.
So every now and then, in addition to book stuff and kinky stuff, I may torture you with this endeavor to get my body back to competitor shape.

So here is a collage of some drool worthy abs for inspiration and just staring at.
Also, I have stuck proof of my own that were once in existence, lol. 
Plus, throwing it out there will help keep me accountable, and who knows, maybe getting back into my disciplined routine will spawn some new stories too.

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