Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Music as Influence and Inspiration...

I often get asked about where my ideas come from.
Sometimes, it's based off of something I've heard, seen, fantasy...
Usually, I have the base idea in my head.
I always listen to music.
Of course, at the gym, in the house, when I sleep.
Many times, songs will impact me and the lyrics will cause images in my head, that more times than not, play into the story that I am working on.

I thought I would share some of the songs that played a large part in both of my books.

Well, these two had a huge hand in Candy & Kink.

Lola Montez - Volbeat

The Kill - Thirty Seconds to Mars

These three songs are Faith in Ripped & Twisted. 
Everything in these are constantly rolling through her mind.
Complete inspiration to evolve the character.

In This Moment - Whore

In This Moment - Blood 

Five Finger Death Punch - Coming Down

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