Monday, November 2, 2015

Writing for Fun

Usually, I would never bother with looking at these things.
However, a few have popped up here and there in different groups that I frequent.
I must admit, this one made my head go in all sorts of different directions.
One could go to a really funny place, sexy place, or my favorite the dark and depraved crevices.
At times, it's nice to just jot a fun scene or short story that may never end up in a story.
There are even instances when I am in the middle of writing a novel, but other ideas intrude.
I know they won't fit or meld into the current work in progress, but I still take the time to open another page and quickly time the visuals that are prancing around.

So with this little baby, I cannot get it out of my head. I am inspired to write a nice little erotic torture story. Then again, not many people are into that, are they?
Too much?

Maybe I won't knock these little prompts anymore.
They've invigorated a few more creative juices than I normally have.

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