Sunday, November 15, 2015

Latex Love

I only have one item of latex.
It is a mask that hubs bought me.
I have played a wee bit with liquid latex, mostly applying to others and getting to peel it off of them.

However, I have become enamored by all of the variety, sensual outfits, and downright kinkerific latex ensembles out there.
I've created a board on pinterest so that I can lust after the magnificence of them.

I must admit, I am now highly curious to be wrapped up in one of these babies.
I wonder about the skin tight feel of this textile.
Plus, it just looks freak of hot.

I am leaning heavily toward latex fashion being included in my next book.
I think that something should be purchased for my 'research', no?

I love that it can be manipulated to look like something incredibly chic and fashionable or something insane and completely off the hook, fetishy. 
Yes, I definitely want to play with latex.

This was the closest that I've gotten...vinyl, lol.
Then on to the real pretties!

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