Sunday, January 3, 2016

Vampire Gloves

Have you seen these?
Better yet, have you tried them?
I have been a little fixated with them since last year.
We first stumbled upon them at our friendly adult store.
We fiddled with them, but I eventually, and unfortunately, told hubs to put them back.
Now, I regret that. I know if I told him that he would gladly go back and purchase them.

From a distance, they look like normal black leather gloves.

Then, you notice they are slightly different.

Go ahead, look closer.

That's right, the fingers and palms are covered in little pins.
This could go in so many directions?!
Gentle to harsh.
Pleasure to Pain...
both of which are good.
I can see sensory play, to a sound spank with these.
My imagination goes wild as what to really expect.

I'm pretty sure that these will eventually wind up in my collection, but until I pull the trigger, please tell me if you have them. How do you play with them? Do you enjoy them? Are they worth it compared to other implements?

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