Saturday, April 16, 2016

Come On Girl...Get On Top

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I must admit, this is one position that has never failed me.
Every. Single. Time. I achieve the big 'O.'
Sure, it's not the most exciting position out there, but to me all positions are exciting.
It's definitely enjoyable.
There are no acrobatics involved, no gravity defying feats, no worrying about dropping to your head.

However, in this position, there is definite stimulation of the mons pubis, along with the clitoris that results in an explosion!
Imagine those pre-pubescent times humping a pillow in early exploration.
What? You didn't do that?
Except this pillow is warm, working back, and has a nice cock penetrating too.

So, see that pretty pic?
It's all about sliding and grinding, not bouncing up and down in a sitting position.
I find in sliding and grinding, some slow circles too, I don't even need to lend myself a hand in this position.

You can also play with how deep or hard you want to go.
There are many variations.
You may want to slide until your partner is almost completely out of you, just leaving his tip in for a few seconds before you slam back down.
However, when I'm getting close, I just can't do that one, lol. 

However, it's difficult even still for most women to climax without even more direct stimulation of the clitoris. It's fun to either do it yourself, or have him help along, or even together.
I love when he pushes my hand, 'forcing' me to play with the little bean.
You can always use a mini vibrator.
Another favorite are silicone cock-rings that have a mini-bullet attached and encased in a soft jelly-type coating. THOSE are fun with all positions!

And sometimes, it's just fun to surprise your man, jump on top of him and take advantage!
So, girls, Get On Top!

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