Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Erotic Guide Interview

Thank you so much to the Erotic Guide for interviewing me and featuring me on their site!
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Friday, February 16, 2018

Erotic Romance Reminder.

I post a bunch of fun and silly sexual topics here, but first and foremost, it's always a platform for my writing. It's been a while since I have put up a post about my currently available novels.
Feel free to click links on the sidebar to check them out, or to order. I am also currently reviewing new avenues to make both ebooks and paperbacks available to purchase as well.
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Oddities in the Stores of Self-Pleasure

I'm all for getting yourself off, we know this.
There's nothing like a little self-love time.
However, there are a few devices that make me go Hmmm?
And to each their own, whatever turns you on.
I've seen the foot that you can fuck like a flesh light.
So, fee are your thing, but nothing like walking into a scene of the walking dead, the room splattered with spooge rather than blood.
But hear me out.

I mean, I completely get what they were going for here, but I also can't help but think this is how a serial killer story could begin.
It was innocent enough to begin with. Him, his fuck head.
But then...he began fantasizing about a real woman; the one who never noticed he existed.
Or you could go with the promiscuous woman scenario.
The next thing you know, he's dancing around his room to Q Lazzarus like Buffalo Bill with a head hanging from his crotch.
See how I go off on a tangent when I see her.

I get it. It's the affordable version of a love doll. However, I can't help that it gives new meaning to the word skull fuck.
Maybe it's the lifelike hair that imagine flailing around while you are doing the deed to her severed head?
There is another version without the hair.
She doesn't look quite real, so she's not as intimidating to me as Felicity.
Then there is Seduce Me Scarlet 3D Love Doll With Head <- with head.
Want to know why there is emphasis on with head?
Cuz it would be just plain creepy having the torso with no head.

Granted, these are incredibly cheaper than buying the complete love dolls, but imagine going to your new guy's home and having a head fall out from a closet on you. Looking back up to you with dead eyes, hair probably all tangled...
Just the head, for a guy who loves head.

In all honesty, I like that there are alternatives for guys besides the blow up dolls of the past, but the more realistic these ladies get, it's also odd to have just a body part or two lying around the carpet.

Do guys feel like they've entered Lorena Bobbit's when they see a life like cock and balls in the bed?

I hope you find the humor in this post.
It's also given me fresh fodder for a twisted novel idea.
Enjoy the head!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Preaching to the Perverted

Good morning!
I have been MIA, but also just fighting a sickness for the past few weeks.
Since I have been sort of laying low, and blah, I had some time to watch movies.
We do not have cable, actually have not had it for over ten years.
We do, however, have a massive DVD collection, and I decided to go back through some of our old collections. I had forgotten about all of the wonderful old underground  and lesser known flicks we have.
I popped this one in yesterday because I remember the stunning costumes...
Preaching to the Perverted is from 1997.
It deals with the underground BDSM scene in London, and the governement's attempts at infiltrating them to shut them down. Oh those groups of morals and ethics.
The main scene is run by Mistress Tanya Cheex, an reknown American Mistress.
The nights rotate around London, and they use cryptic computer messages to alert those on the in.
The government sends in a young man undercover, but eventually he falls in with the whole deviant group.

This is not your ordinary fare, and though a bit cheesy, it's highly entertaining.
The men are mainly slaves.
There are auctions, whippings, piercing, electrocution, pony play and more.
Sure parts are a little over the top, but I know some of these scenarios actually do take place...

If nothing else, the makeup and costumes and scenes are stunning, and made me want to reinvest in my vinyle and satins.

This movie was one of the ones that made me want to pursue more, and influences my characters, especially the ones in upcoming novels. Beauty and strength and power.

It's available to watch on Amazon, Free with Amazon Prime.
And if you're so inclined to buy the video, it's available to BUY too.

I get no kickbacks from the stuff I talk about or recommend.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Mighty Pube Debate - To Have Hair or Go Bare

“The most horrifying thing is pubic hair on a woman,” Muz says. “It’s really quite frightening to the general public.” - Julie Atlas Muz, Burlesque Performer. 

I've also heard her say it as in, it's horrifying to Americans, suggesting the male population that is now so used to slick clean vajay as portrayed in media and porn. She tours around the globe, and many other countries see nothing wrong with it. Now, let me tell you, she has a full on bush. I've seen it. It's one of her trademarks in the scene, and her acts. She's done a puppet show with it, and has named it Mr.  Pussy. =D 

Here's the thing, I have this love/hate relationship with pubic hair, in general. A few of my friends have had a discussion with me about my love and enamourment of the 70's Power Muff, the Disco Dick Mitten. I mean, let's face it, a majority of us sported that Power Puff through the 80's. It was common. 
I have a character that I had even planned on having one, and the comedic banter involved, but many people get turned off by the thought.
But now, I'm wondering if it's making a comeback. If you watch Orange is the New Black, there was that whole bit about the pubic braiding. 

What about glitter in it?  The Coifed Cunt?

And a new article from Kinkly just popped up called In Defense of Pubic Hair


Thursday, June 29, 2017

My mission

I found that I often get asked in blog interviews or just through messages what it is that I hope to convey in my writing to my readers. Now granted, we know I write erotic romance. Many people would wonder if there is even a story line much less a message in those novels.  Well, I'm here to tell you that there is, at least in my books.

It's taken me almost three years to come up with an answer that I think rings true, and here it is:

I find that I take people's issues, that can be yours or mine, propelling the reader on a journey of self-exploration and perhaps healing. I have a gola to hopefully make people consider other thought patterns about live, love, sexuality. I would love to tear down the shame and guilt that many feel for their desired life. I believe if it's not hurting anyone else, and both people consent, what is done between those people in love is not wrong and they should not feel shame for their acts with each other. 
oxo JLE
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