Friday, September 4, 2015

Kinktastic Knicknacks - Where to begin?

I am buried in a sea of kinktastic knicknacks and unsure of where to begin?!
Should I start with something super tame so that those who are curious or are just beginning to delve into play have some fun and simple options, say like candles that when burning turn into massage oil? Or should I just go full balls to the wall and go with some hardcore options that are out there?
Maybe I should begin with some items that I've written about in my books?

One thing is for sure, all that I write about here and review here will be from actual experience.
I mean, how do you think I come up with scenes in my books?
(dum,dum,dum) <- sing that in your head!
So perhaps, I should remove any pictures of myself so this doesn't become awkward between us, hahaha. 
Also, everything will be my opinion of items and how they worked out for myself and my partner, meaning my husband. There may be times that I have guest bloggers as well. I'm sure there are things that we may not want to try. It could happen!

Sexual play discussion decisions are HARD because I want to talk about it all!
Feel free to chime in and let me know if there is something specific that you're curious about. 

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