Friday, February 12, 2016


Since this is my 69th post, I thought it would be fitting to talk about what else?!
The 69 Position!

So, I hope you realize that we are going to get a little graphic.
After all, this is adult talk!

I would think the majority of us love oral, giving and receiving.
Isn't it better though when you don't have to take turns?
Mutual Oral Play & Satisfaction
When you can both achieve that blow up at the same time, or virtually the same time?
Collapse at the same time and cuddle up for the night, or morning, or afternoon.

You know what I'm talking about.
At least, I hope that you have all experienced having to stop pleasing your partner in order to squeeze your legs around your partner's head, ride their face and squeal with absolute delight.
Or when you feel as though you just can't take it anymore and try to pull away, but they grasp your ass tighter, holding you there until you cum all over them.
I meant that for men too, get on top and ride her face while you're going after that peach.
I know that woman on top is the go to, but ladies if you like thing perhaps a little rougher or to give up some control, let him get on top. Just make sure that you have a signal to let them know if they are getting down too hard, or you can't breathe because they are plowing you so deep in the heat of the moment.
It happens when they cannot see your face, lol. 
Don't freak out, I meant that to be humorous too.

Don't think that 69 has to be boring either.
Either one of you can be on top, hell, you can both be on your side.
You can roll around during...

I know there are ways for suspended 69, but I haven't made it that far yet!
Have you?
Tell, tell!

Have you tried a tiny bullet vibrator specifically made for oral?
They are not only for women. Give that a shot on your man.
If you dare, both have one for that specialist of positions...
Holy fireworks!

This is also a great time to play with flavored creams, edible paints. Add a little flavor to the dining situation. Ice or temperature toys can also come into play here too.
You do not have to spend your whole time in this position purely licking and sucking - though there is nothing wrong with that at all.

Also, don't be afraid to explore further while you're down there. Give a little lick and nibble to surrounding areas, thighs, legs, stomach, further down if you dare. Let your fingers do some walking too. You can always incorporate anal play into this scenario, on either part whoever is or may be into it. Or keep an implement for that nearby, ie. plug, dildo, beads, whatever.

kinky kink advice sex erotica

If you haven't found a Valentine's treat for your loved one yet, perhaps a little 69 would be the perfect gift on Sunday.
And if you have never tried it, PLEASE give it a whirl...or two or three!

I am adding some links to informative sites just about this lovely, satisfying position.
There were some great ideas and information in these pages, and none of them are porn!

69 position sex kinky erotica

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