Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Truth vs. Fiction: actually living it vs. online play

Oh my...
I'm just going to throw it out there.
There are several times a day that I seriously face palm myself.
This is the down side of belonging to so many groups, and I will put myself over the fire, erotic author groups are sometimes the worse.
Now, don't get me wrong.
They are huge fun for games, pics, memes, what if's, etc.
However, if there are serious discussions, I often, yes, face palm, smack my head, I have even literally smacked my head down into a tabletop reading posts.

If one is bringing up discussion in jest, AWESOME.
I am totally down with the fun, silly, ridiculous scenarios.
Bring on the irony, smut, double innuendos, story time!

Then, there are those who want to get into frank discussions, flex their 'knowing' arms...
and they are just coming off as vag wash = douches.
Now, sadly, I feel awful for these ladies (and sometimes men) who fall for their talk.
Everything these Don Juans of Kink and BDSM say and do send up signals.
Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

I feel sad for these folks. I have tried to intervene only to be bashed.

Now, granted, I have not had a full on D/s relationship, I have spent many years among Doms and Dommes. I have witnessed, observed, studied. I  have seen things in real life that many only read about.
I have switched to play, to learn, to see what I liked.
I may have a little masochist in me... maybe more than a little.

I am DEEP into kink. I am still curious and want to learn and experience more. I find Master/Slave relationships absolutely beyond fascinating!
I know people in poly relationships. 
Oh my god... I am HIGHLY into this...well, hearing and learning about it, lol.
But you know that whole sandwich fantasy thing.
I have long term friends who swing.
If you have followed me, you know I have stripped, burlesqued, gotten naked purely for fun, have no worries with that.
I think women are absolutely wonderful, sexy, and I lust after some and to be some of them.
I am not ashamed of anything that I have done.
I do not consider it wrong or right...just me.

I have never, nor will ever claim to know all or end all of anything.
I do continue to explore, talk, educate, and study.
I LOVE it all, never wavering from a serious discussion.

And then tonight, I see yet another so called Dom/Master spurting off his views.
And bad sub/slave that I would want to be makes me want to bash him with a baseball bat.
Now that's MY Domme side (I use that loosely, because I really am not at all, just bitchy), because I call bullshit on your ways.

But being me... I make a snarky comment, hoping to be passive in my judgement.
Then, I think that me judging anyone is awful. 

I am super lucky in the relationship that I am and have been in now.

Maybe, I am just trying to say, please, do not trust too lightly.
Study anything and anyone beforehand.

Do not get your heart invested.

And if you want a more in depth view, please visit this website.
His posts are so highly informative!
A Master's Viewpoint of the BDSM World

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