Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spanking Paddle (1) - Bottoms Up!

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I thought we'd start with a wooden paddle.
It looks a little menacing.
It sounds menacing when it makes impact.
Those holes? They make the 'thwack' sound a little louder.
If delivered with enough force, yes, you can feel the edges of the circles on your skin...
even leave little imprints...or marks that last a few days.
There is a good sting and pain to it. This is more likely due to the fact that there is not much 'give' with a wooden paddle, or snap that more flexible rubber, leather, vinyl paddles have, even though this one cuts wind resistance down. You are more likely to reach your limit with fewer blows than other paddles too. Let's face it, it's a wooden paddle!

You can achieve a good bruising too, depending on how hard you and your partner play, the force they using in delivering your spanks, and the number of  strikes inflicted.
This guy also delivers a warming, burn when used lightly.

Granted, spankings are not incurred for punishment in my house, but this would be a great implement for it. Just the visual brought back too many memories of the nuns in grammar school for me!
Ours walked around with a paddle very much like this one.
Spanking in my house is for pleasure, and though I have had a bumbum that has been turned black and blue, even a little bit of cutting, I can see this wooden paddle used in both forms.

Of course, the pain induced also depends on which body part this paddle is used on. As always, body parts with a little more cushion will not feel as painful as those without. I find the actual butt cheeks are always that good pain (for me). Now, when the backs of the thighs come into play, the pain increases. And a whack on the breasts, just depends, as with force, angle, and so on.

I put up a link to Amazon,  but search around. We procured ours at our friendly neighborhood adult store. 

I'm giving it 5 plugs due to its versatility, quality, and fun.

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