Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sure it's fun to read about and fantasize about, buy how many of you would actually do THAT stuff?

As you all know, I write erotica.
Erotica that delves into the realms of BDSM, D/s, S&M, kink...
When I became an author, I found myself in many book groups.
Many of these groups are women who love to read erotica.
There is always lively discussion, jokes, humor, the latest read, pictures, lust of a character, and more.
However, it never fails in a group that the above question comes up. 

It seems unbelievable to more women than I thought, that couples partake of the kinky stuff in real life. This is where I usually pop up and shatter their illusions with my quip, humor, and talk of my collection and what activities that I actually am involved in.
They are normally, first, a little shocked, then curious.
Here's the thing, I answer the questions.
I post links, give links to very reputable sites, and post pics and my experiences.

I think that so many of us that enjoy alternative sexual lifestyles have hidden for far too long. What I have learned is that many people are not going to run after you with burning torches and scream, "SHAME!!" at you. Does this mean I fly my flag all over the place? No.
I know there are people with different sensibilities where my thoughts on nipple clamps, gag balls, spanking implements, bondage devices would not be appreciated.
However, I love sharing any little bit of knowledge that I have learned.

I recently divulged to a very few close friends that we do actually do many of 'those' things that I write about. If nothing else, when I began publishing, it opened our world even more. My SO was more than happy to continue to explore further than we had been in the past. 
He jokes, "If you're going to write about XYZ, you should have the experiences behind it to portray it accurately." So, now, whenever a new idea pops into my head, off we go to buy the new gadget. Or if I find something crazy on the web, well, let's give it a go!

I find that in my new works, I am sprinkling tips and advice more throughout my stories.

And yes, I love a spanking. I find it arousing. Sometimes it's just to alleviate my pent up anger or anxiety. It works for me. I like surprise attacks when I am going about normal everyday chores.
And as you've seen, I love many, many implements of pleasure, as I usually share ours with you about them.  

So, yes, I would actually do it, and I do.

Peace, joy!
Stay Kinky My Friends!
Your Friendly Neighborhood Smut Author

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