Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tails...Bling for your bum

It may or may not be known that I have a fascination with butt plugs.
It should be clear as I stuck one on the cover of my first book, subtly. 
My collection is wide and varied.
Today, I wanted to talk about one of my pretty pony tails.
(We'll get into the bunny tail another day <- disaster with lube)

Aren't they pretty?
And you can do kitty play with them too.
For those who worry, the tail actually is removable from the glass plug, which makes for easy cleaning of both parts.

The glass is very comfortable, and the size of the one I was given is a perfect fit.
Now to those who are skeptical, you don't have to be into pet play to have fun with a tail. 
It can be all about a new sensation play.
The long tail is super soft, and there is definitely something to be said about the swishing of it against your skin, the back of your thighs, against your butt cheeks, even the sides of your thighs or your lower back if you get to swinging it around.
-Which I may or may not have done goofing around with it while enjoying some other attention from a hand doing a few extra smacks, or you know something.

(Not mine, but pretty much looks like this)

And they come so many colors!

Besides, who says everything kinky has to be intense or serious.
These are fun, cute, sexy, and a little quirky.
So, really play when you play. 
It's okay to laugh  while you f%#k after all.
Enjoy your bedroom recreation on another level of fun.

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